Moisturizing cocoon face treatment

This is the most effective way to moisten skin. During this procedure, the skin is cleansed with moisturizing cleansers containing glycengenes – marine collagen – that give the initial moisturizing effect. Then the skin is gently delayered with a special lotion containing AHA acids. It carefully removes impurities of both the surface and deeper skin. With the use of a massage-modelling cream, a special lymph drainage spot massage created by Maria Galland is performed, which not only relaxes, but also strengthens the weak facial muscles. The massage cream contains vitamin E, soy micro granules that carry out delayering, activate blood circulation, stimulate cell metabolism and activate the detoxification process. After that, a moisturizing eye area mask is applied, covered with soft, lightweight foam cocoon, which pleasantly covers the face and activates the effect of masks. This is a great source of moisture to a tired, dull and dehydrated skin. Revitalize your skin and prepare it for the summer!

Suitable for men!

Duration of treatment: 60 minutes
Price: $75