INFINIBLANC - brightening anti-aging face treatment

Revolutionary innovation in anti-aging procedures: Maria Galland presents the INFINIBLANC treatment that especially meets the needs of mature skin. Each product of the INFINIBLANC line contains a powerful brightening complex. These products controls facial pigmentation caused by hormonal changes or UV rays. The sensational complex consisting of biomimetic peptides, Canadian sorrel and Narcissus extracts ensures long-lasting glow and reduced pigmentation. See how your pigmentation and age spots disappear and the skin becomes radiant!
But that’s not all what this anti-aging treatment of new generation is capable of: experience how it reduces deep age wrinkles and fine facial wrinkles and reduces the moisture loss. All this is achieved by new active ingredients – bearberries leaf extract, magnesium and vitamin C. It is even suitable for sensitive skin. It strengthens the sensitive protective function of skin cells. The INFINIBLANC treatment ensures the long-term skin glow, elasticity and intensive moistening. The skin will look fresher, glowing, clean and bright.

Duration of treatment: 60 minutes
Price: $75