About the depilation

Hair removal is performed with the use of professional “Depileve” (Spain) tools. Hair can be removed from the entire body, including the most sensitive areas. After the procedure, the hair will not grow back for about 4 weeks. Frequent hair removal slows down the growth of the hair, part of injured hair follicle dies, the interval between waxing becomes longer. The very hair becomes thinner and less noticeable. After waxing, the skin is lubricated with a soothing and redness-reducing oil. Waxing cannot be performed in case of enlarged veins, if warts, moles, rashes, irritated skin.

Waxing price list:
  • Legs (to the knees): $20
  • Legs (whole): $30
  • Armpits: $12
  • Face: $12
  • Arms: $20
  • Ampoule slowing hair growth: $10