Face treatments with "MARIA GALLAND" cosmetics
About the cosmetics

This is one of the strongest and most prestigious cosmetic companies not only in France but all over the world. It sports in the top five of professional French cosmetics manufacturers. The “MARIA GALLAND” company was established in 1962 and immediately won the recognition of demanding specialists. The first well-known cream created by the beautician Maria Galland in honour of Coco Chanel was marked No. 5. Subsequently, Maria Galland with Professor dermatologist Grosu from Strasburg have developed many high-quality cosmetic products. Maria Galland named each cream with a certain number according to numerology science, which she was highly interested in. Such a marking of creams has remained until present. The MARIA GALLAND company is proud that all of its products are tested in the famous Paris Saint Louis clinics. All “MARIA GALLAND” production stands for efficiency and high-quality – the effects and results are felt instantly and the procedures give pleasure not only to the client, but also the performing specialist. “MARIA GALLAND” uses the latest technology, improved formula and specific active ingredients.

Procedures performed with “MARIA GALLAND” cosmetics: