Face treatments with the use of an ultrasound machine AURORA CEUTICAL GOLD (Japan)
About the machine
One of the most impressive technological challenges in the world of beauty, implemented by the Japanese company “La Mente” – the development of a non-interventive mesotherapy machine “Aurora”. With the use of this device, active substances may be entered into the deepest layers of the skin – the dermis – and thus can ensure the highest effects of cosmetic products. The machine combines three innovative aesthetic cosmetology techniques: ultrasound, ion introduction to the skin and infrared rays. The results achieved using the “Aurora” are visible after the first treatment and stay for a long term.

Long-term effects
The ability to enter cosmetic products into the deepest layers of the skin, i.e. the dermis, is a major breakthrough in the world of beauty, because most often cosmetic products affect only the upper layer of the skin and are washed off within 24 hours. Meanwhile, a long-term effect can be achieved only if active substances are entered in the deeper layers of the skin for at least 3 days. The machine “Aurora” via modern technology.

“Aurora” is the first machine in the world, affecting the skin with 5 MHz ultrasound. The ultrasound of this frequency is designed for facial skin procedures; it emits 5 million vibrations per second. Due to these vibrations, the tightening of the facial skin is visible already after 10 minutes. The oval of the face becomes resilient and reduces by 1 centimeter.

Ion input and output
The method of ion input and output helps to clean the skin at the cellular level. During the deep ion cleaning procedure, toxins resulting from environmental pollution, smoking, antibiotics and other reasons are removed. Skin cells begin to breathe, the normal metabolism is recovered, the cells fully absorb micro-elements.
Deep cleaning removes toxins from the skin at the ion level, reduces pores and prevents acne.
In addition, cosmetic products are entered to the deep layers of the skin. The skin treated by “Aurora” absorbs cosmetic products 30 times more efficiently. After the procedure, the skin’s collagen content increases 2.5 times. After the course of treatment, the effect persists for three months. Due to this application, the introduction of vitamin C can help effectively whiten pigmentation spots. The introduction of stable vitamin C reduces the amount of melanin in pigmentation spots. The melanin content does not restore even in case of exposure to the sun.

Infrared rays
Infrared rays improve blood circulation and metabolism – they warm the skin from the inside. Ultrasound and infrared rays therapy is an indispensable procedure aimed to eliminate swelling around the eyes.

Face treatment with the use of the ultrasound machine “AURORA CEUTICAL GOLD” (Japan):