Placenta therapy


Firming and whitening face treatment with placenta
Treatments involving the use of the machine “Aurora” firm facial muscles, help to fill and smooth wrinkles, eliminate causes of acne, lighten pigmentation spots, strengthen the capillaries.

During one procedure, the following actions are carried out: deep facial cleansing with ions, facial muscle tightening, introduction of cosmetic extracts and placenta with vitamin C into the deep layers of the skin. In the procedure, a special “La Mente” gel is used, containing biologically active ingredients: placenta extract, collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, algae extract.

Recommendations: This procedure is recommended for the skin of all types and all ages, if a person desires to prevent the signs of aging, correct already existing wrinkles and the drop of the facial oval, lighten pigmentation, strengthen capillaries of the skin, immunity system, etc.

Duration of treatment: 70 minutes
Price: $95

About placental cosmetics

Japanese cosmetics “La Mente” restores the biological rhythm of skin cells. The results of long-years’ multi-practical and scientific-research activities of successful doctors dermacosmetologists made it possible to develop tools that do not mask the aging process but instead allow to activate hidden resources of skin cells and activate the rejuvenation program, thus forcing healthy cells to work in the same biorhythms as in the period of youth.

Placenta includes all nutrients necessary to maintain life. Placenta is an invaluable gift of nature, a natural well of biostimulants. The patented multi-stage molecular distribution method allows to extract a placental extract purified from hormones and allergens, preserving the epidermis, fibroblast and macrophages growth factors. Healthy-cells growth factors activate the physiological self-recovery program and further regeneration of new healthy skin cells.

Effects on skin

Effect of placenta extract on skin:
Placenta extract stimulates the peripheral blood circulation, therefore the dermis and epidermis intracellular agents are better supplied with moisture and nutrients, toxins and cellular metabolism products are better eliminated, the skin color improves. Due to the stimulatory effect of placenta extract on cell respiration and tissue metabolism, the cellular aging is slowed down, which means that theskin aging is interrupted.

Studies have shown that animal placenta extract accelerates regeneration of damaged or burned skin thus stimulating tissue regeneration.

Placenta extract regulates the immune reactions of the skin, which occur if a person has sensitive skin or uses poor quality cosmetic products, enhances skin resistance to allergens, which is a positive-allergic effect on the skin.

As regards to the regulation of melanin synthesis, placental extract is efficient for hyper-pigmentation prophylaxis, especially if it has occurred due to UV radiation, and this means that the skin becomes whiter. In addition, placental extract is effective in regulating keratinization processes and eliminates hyperkeratosis phenomena.

Due to the rich composition, particularly for amino acids, which are part of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF), moisturizing effect on the skin takes place while acting against skin aging and ensuring the adequate hydration level of the skin.

Due to the impact of placenta extract on inactivate free radicals, antioxidant effects occurs, i.e. cell membrane is protected from the negative effects of free radicals, preventing premature skin aging.

Due to the growth factors, placenta extract effectively enhances fibroblast functions, which increases elastin and collagen synthesis, thus resulting in skin tightening.